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04 3500 4wd diesel with 170K acts flooded

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I have a 2004 4 wd automatic 3500 diesel with 170K miles. A short time ago I started having a problem. When at a light, idling, I give it fuel to go it acts like its flooded and won't go. If I put it in neutral and depress the peddle a couple of time it revs up and I can put it in gear and go. If I put it in neutral when I come up to a light and then back in gear when I get the green lights its fine. The other side is if I'm in traffic and going real slow it does it constantly. I just replaced the fuel separator filter thinking it might be part of the problem, haven't done it in way too long, didn't help. The check engine light comes on, haven't had time to put a scanner on it. Anyone herd of this before? Any ideas where to start?
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Id start with checking the CEL and finding out what the code is. it could be the torque converter or transmission either not letting go at the light or grabbing too much.
In my opinion, sounds like a fuel pressure issue........

Just my .02. There are a bunch of very knowledgeable folks on this forum, but your question could possibly be better suited for a forum geared more for the older cummins trucks. I'm not suggesting you are not welcome here, just to hit up folks that have the same or similar trucks you may have better results on your specific question. Good luck!
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