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10K miles and a MPG update

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Hey Guys,
I just filled my truck up at a hair under 10K and also filled my DEF tank. I drive about 90% city and 10% Hwy, most of the time. I love this truck and even with the exhaust smell still there (but getting better and returning to dealer soon to have the new TSB checked) I think I would buy again. Dealer service sucks and logistics is a joke so I'm hoping to just avoid them all together.
All values hand calculated:
DEF running at 1447.6 MPG. I filled up at $2.85 at a truck stop pump station. Told twice I was in the wrong line but once they knew I there for DEF they were OK.
Diesel running at 21.87 MPG. High tank MPG 26.6 and low of 19.2. Price ranged from $2.49 - $3.41 currently at $2.89. I live in So. Cal so we're taxed to heck and back.......
Oil change at 8950mi.
The truck has performed great except for the smell and it's more of an annoyance at this point. I have upgraded the stereo speaker system which sucks. I have a Big Horn so seeing paper speakers was a shock but they're gone now. Air ride is great when I take my parents aged 80-85. It makes it a lot easier for them to get in/out. Paint is great and holding up well so long as I keep it clean (It's black)
The Italian motor and German tranny are awesome. It seems that most (if not all) of the issues with the ED is on RAM. The exhaust system is them, computer programing (flash) is them, throttle control issues is them, logistics is them, dealer service is them. (sort of)
I had a Nissan Armada before this and was happy with that SUV. It ran well and long 180K mi but it was thirsty. The ED over 10K mi has almost double the MPG. It's not paying for itself but it certainly is paying for the extra money I paid for the ED option.
Still loving this truck!!!!
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Didn't want to make all of you in snowland jealous. LOL
80 degrees today!


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