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14K Observations

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Just returned from a hunting trip in Georgia the past few weeks. One morning it was 12 degrees. Truck fired instantly.

Another morning around 28 degrees and there was no response to the key. I moved the silly gear selector knob and then the key worked. That never repeated.

Towing all the time about 1K+ (trailer and quad) it stayed at 22 mpg. That included some long warming idles and a few four-wheel drive conditions.

7K on the oil since the last change. NO, I mean N O drop in oil level. I'm going for the full 10K now.

Oh - 5 deer... one buck and four does. Fun times but too often frigid.
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Very good point on the gear knob. I think another person on the forum was having issues with both the remote start and key starting. I wonder if the knob is loose in some trucks
Congrats on the hunting...our gang came up empty this year.
Hope 10 K becomes a standard for oil changes, please keep us posted.
Note to deer: spend more time running and hiding and less time admiring the truck.
I changed my oil at 10K on our road trip and checked it often before that and it was always full. I assume the next 10K will be fine but I will check from time to time.

As far as the hunting people need to head to TX outside of San Antonio. There are hundreds by the freeway right now. In fact we hit a buck on the right fender while towing on our trip. I did my best to avoid him but could not. I felt bad that I had nothing to end his suffering and I wasn't prepared to take him home either.
just got back from a 3 day bow hunt. About 300 mile round trip, let temp was -14C snowing and blowing, back 10C heavy rain and blowing. Averaged 8.2L/100km some 4 wheel drive. 5 guys 2 deer does and button buck and one missed shot. We saw almost 30 deer between us. Back at it next weekend. Well the truck has been broke in now, have to wash out the blood tomorrow.

Buddy that bought ED last week averaged 12.5L/100km, but he was pulling a 6X16 ft trailer with 2 quads. He is real happy as he traded his 2012 hemi, same trip 2 weeks before averaged 18L/100Km.
Are any of you guys considering using different grade oil than what was recommended from the factory?
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