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1500 Ecodiesel test drives

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A few weeks ago went to Dodge Country in Killeen TX and test drove a 4x4 1500 Laramie. Within 3 miles, temp gauge went to hot, coolant light came on, and extremely loud fan noise started under the hood. Sounded like I was sitting next to a jet engine turning up. Pulled truck into SERVICE lane and left. Have never been called back by dealership to test drive another one.

A week and half later, after calling Benny Boyd in Lampasas, verifying they had truck listed on webpage, setup appointment on Saturday afternoon. Rode my bike there only to be informed the salesman I setup the appointment with, and after driving from Killeen to Lampasas, was busy with another customer. They did not have the 4x4 as listed on their webpage. So, test drove a 4x2 SLT 1500. Going down the road at 70mph with cruise set it was turning 2500 rpm's and only showing 18mpg on the dash. Asked the salesman if it was normal, he didn't know. So, I touched the brake to disengage the cruise and hit the gas and the truck shifted into 8th gear. I pulled over and stopped, started back up again and set cruise at 60mph. Dang truck wouldn't shift into 8th gear until I hit the gas and let off. Drove back to dealership and haven't heard from them either.

Fast forward to this past Thursday and I'm down in Hinesville, GA working. Get on web and locate two Eco Diesels at CarlGregory in Savannah. Called to verify truck there and was told "Yep, and I'll have Sales manager pull it around for you." set appoint for 1pm and show up at 12:40 and greeted at door by a salesman. Told him I had an appoint with &*^%*. So, he goes and gets her. The lady I spoke to on the phone comes down and says "Hi, I just wanted to come down and meet you" and hands me off to the salesman who went to get her in the first place. I guess it was too warm for her to walk her butt out onto the lot. And, oh, there's no 1500 4x4 Eco Diesel sitting up front for a test drive. So, new salesman and I head out onto the row of trucks, no EcoDiesel. He goes inside looking for the keys, stating he saw the trucks "yesterday" and they must have moved them over to the other side of building. Guess what, they supposedly did a dealer trade on both trucks...So, now I've wasted my time and gas driving an hour...:mad:

Went to Ram dealer in Hinesville to build a truck. Oh, you can't get an Outdoorsmen in Leather, and oh, you have to order 20inch rims and tires with it. Dodge website will not let dealer order one with 17 inch rims-tires, even though that's how they're suppose to come from factory. And oh, can't get the Quad cab with the Eco Diesel either..what the crap??

So, strike # 4 against the Ram Eco Diesel. And, no I'm not making this stuff up. I've had a 2500 4x4 with the Cummins in past and loved the truck. Guess, times have changed.
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hey man sounds like a perfect storm of bad luck and bad business. Problem with the Eco is its the top shelf motor, and one that is supply limited from Italy (for now). Tthey're going for top margin on these right now. Unfortunate, but...
My hat's off to the dealership in Hinesville. They are stumped about the 17 inch wheel-tire issue with Outdoorsmen. And, you can't get monochrome in outdoorsmen either. Once you select Eco Diesel you have to get the two-tone option.

They stated Chrysler Ram always prints the brochures prior to final decisions on build options. So, dealerships and customers always upset when they can't get what the literature states..:(
What terrible luck. It sounds like some understandable errors were made but that doesn't make it any less annoying, especially since you have been traveling so much to get to these appointments.

Are you going to continue to try to get a Ecodiesel test drive, or has the experience turned you off entirely?
Rossn2, wow, that sort of experience really blows and certainly would have turned me off. But for what it is worth, the EcoD is impressive, and that the couple of flukes you encountered doesn't dissuade you.
Sorry to hear about those run arounds. At least the ride to Lampasas should have been a scenic one! I have been pretty happy with my EcoDiesel so far. 1 minor glitch with washer fluid reservoir, but my last tank got 27.7 MPG in mostly around town driving. I hope your search takes you to a vehicle that you will be happy with.
Think I'm going to wait another year and see how things work out for these trucks..
Think I'm going to wait another year and see how things work out for these trucks..
wouldnt be a bad idea.
Think I'm going to wait another year and see how things work out for these trucks..
I'm starting to lean that way myself as well. Once the demand tapers off it will be easier to not only get a flippin test pilot, but hopefully the kit list will expand and the Eco will be included in bottom barrel packages as well.

ALso the most maddening for me at least, is the inability to order Eco with a reg cab.

Think I'm going to wait another year and see how things work out for these trucks..
Understandable, but we couldn't wait another year. As a precaution, we went ahead with the extended bumper-bumper warranty since we tend to keep vehicles for average of 5-7 years.
Now, people are reporting Water pump leaks, cracks, etc...within 4 days of taking delivery!

Wow, another reason why I don't like to get newly configured vehicles like this, usually like to wait a bit, thankfully i am waiting.
Very specific build date of March 28th. So it appears to be Isolated with a batch of water pumps that was installed. As the saying goes $___ happens.

Don't forget this engine has been in use for quite some time, its not new.
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