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1st Problem at 9 days old...Washer Fluid Leak

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I just put a gallon of Washer Fluid into my reservoir. Took the empty to the trash and when I got back to the truck 10 seconds later, witnessed a shower pouring out from under the truck. Hopefully just a hose/clamp issue, but after climbing under the truck, impossible to tell. Taking back to the dealer to let them handle. :(
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Snowing in the Mountains all week. Vail Pass has closed several times the past couple of days due to accidents/conditions.

I will let you all know what the problem is.:eek:
Service dept looked at issue and determined that a hose was either not attached at the factory or was shredded upon installation by man or machine. Anyway, they replaced the hose and it should be ok now. Very vague answer. Did not even document the repair. Happy it is fixed but wondering why no record of the incident?
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Agreed, mainly just a PIA on a $50K Truck...
Can't agree more. Sorry to hear about your issue there. Stay on the dealer until you are satisfied. Hope your trip is a safe one.
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