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1st Problem at 9 days old...Washer Fluid Leak

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I just put a gallon of Washer Fluid into my reservoir. Took the empty to the trash and when I got back to the truck 10 seconds later, witnessed a shower pouring out from under the truck. Hopefully just a hose/clamp issue, but after climbing under the truck, impossible to tell. Taking back to the dealer to let them handle. :(
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Know it's an old post but FYI, on May 24th I had the dealer check and my washer pump will not work. Not sure it ever did. Not relevant.

What is relevant is it's now one month later. Lots of excuses from the dealer that the part is "restricted". Opened up a Ram service representative case a couple days ago. No response from them to date.

Leaving in a week for a couple -week trip towing my toy hauler and motorcycles. Looks like it will be wet rag washer unless something changes. I think a month waiting for a part is too long but that's what it is.
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