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1st Problem at 9 days old...Washer Fluid Leak

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I just put a gallon of Washer Fluid into my reservoir. Took the empty to the trash and when I got back to the truck 10 seconds later, witnessed a shower pouring out from under the truck. Hopefully just a hose/clamp issue, but after climbing under the truck, impossible to tell. Taking back to the dealer to let them handle. :(
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Hopefully it's as simple as a little rubber hose. Was it bad enough where you live that you really needed the washer fluid at the time or what?

Let us know how everything goes at the dealer. Hopefully it's not a wide-spread issue.
Service dept looked at issue and determined that a hose was either not attached at the factory or was shredded upon installation by man or machine. Anyway, they replaced the hose and it should be ok now. Very vague answer. Did not even document the repair. Happy it is fixed but wondering why no record of the incident?
Interesting, well at least it's fixed. But I think they should have at least opened a work order for it, just to document it. Looks like if you want small things like this to be reported you have to mention you want them to open a work order for it.
thats glorious, means the tech who did it for you did it off the clock! thats customer service. I mean he would of probabaly made away with a .3, but still...
It could even be some hourly paid apprentice or someone getting paid by the hour, haven't come across many techs that will work off the clock.
the good ones will, especially if they're not in the middle of something. IT just breeds a good customer service reputation. Makes the dealer look pedantic for writing up a full work order and send it through the system for a 5 minute fix and a tightened clamp.

but yea could of even been an apprentice or oil change straight time guy...
Yeah thats what i thought.
Sometimes you do find those nice tech's that will even go out of their way to talk to customers about their issues even when they're not getting paid for it.
But there are those techs that work fast and know their **** and work faster than the estimated time set for the job and in that way dont mind spending time doing other non-paid things.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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