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20" Aluminum Wheels Only?

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I ordered an Outdoorsman last week and was told that the 17" standard wheels are no longer available and I would have to purchase the $1400 optional 20" aluminum wheels. I checked with several dealers and got the same story. Anyone else run into this?

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It seems pretty slimy to force someone to buy more expensive wheels by saying that the free ones are not available. Even if they don't give them to you for free you'd think it would be reasonable to give you a discount on them.
interesting.. shouldn't they give you the 20s for free then?
Like mentioned above that's not right. They should be giving these 20's for free if the 17's are not available.
I'd call RAM HQ and see what they have to say, maybe they have more authority to do something about this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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