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2014 1500 eco diesel

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I have a 2014 1500 eco diesel with a def problem my dealer can't find a fix for the gauge dropped to just above the red line and I filed the tank and the gauge still reads empty as it dropped to zero now. I now get the message it will not restart after I drive 190 miles. He also advised me that he has replaced 4 engines in these trucks and they are failing catastrophically he told me these engines have been in use in Europe with no problems but here with the epa junk there going bad at 11000 to 45000 miler he thinks the main calpret is the egr dumping garbage back into the engine and the Regen cycle washing down the cylinder walls dumping fuel in during the exhaust cycle to burn the crap out of the exhaust filter. does any one have a wiring diagram for the def system he says it's not the sensor or pump problem. This truck was a buy back due to engine failure at 11000 miles does any one know of these engine problems?
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