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2014 Blue Streak Go Canada LOL.

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Ordered my 2014-CC/6-4 box 4x4 Blue Streak first week on June,truck now has a VIN,so pretty stoked.
Model is SLT.
Air suspension.
Luxury Group,
8.4 Nav.
3:92 gears(had to upgrade to 20 inch tires).Dealer will put 17s back on when it arrives.
Trailer tow mirrors.
Trailer tow group.
Limited slip.
Remote start,
Bucket seats.
Back up camera.
Comfort group.
fog Lights
I think thats about it,hoping it wiill come in at about $50,000 after discounts.
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95% of my driving is in city,and 50% is towing a 5000 PD trailer,so I am hoping for a good increase in mileage.

Right now I have a 2010 Ram RCLB-1500 with 3:92 and get 11 MPG towing.
But family camping in a RC truck sucks.

I look forward to posting my Mileage gains if any.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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