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2014 ecodiesel blown engine

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Hi all,
I loved my ecodiesel until today, at about 17000 miles started getting no oil pressure at idle after a hour or so of driving took it to the dealer after a week the said it was a sensor , picked it up all seemed good went on a 100 mile ride got to the toll booth and no oil pressure at idle, called the dealer took it back in and got the call today that there is metal in the oil. anybody know id this is grounds for a lemon law?:(
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The dealer told me today they are ordering a new engine, but need final authorization from Chrysler I think a new engine reduces the value of my new truck I would imagine I will have to disclose on the odometer statement that the miles are not actual
upon resale?
they need to step up and buy this back!
Dodge today told me the engine is on back order with NO ETA also that they are third in line waiting on an engine and there are 2 at dealers already spoken for. OMG
I HATE RAM!!! Truck still at dealer since 6/15/15 no engine and I have left 11 messages without 1 returned call from corporate. buy this lemon back!!!
14 Laramie Ecodiesel POS

Dude sorry,I know EXACTLY what you're going through, still no motor here its been on back order since 7/6 Do yourself a favor google lemon law attorneys Ram wont do crap for you , my attorney says its a clear lemon has been in the shop more than 30 days and thats one of the conditions for a lemon in Ohio. don't get mad get a attorney
Motor came in last week, the truck should be done in a week or so Im starting to hear more and more of these engines failing
Got my eco back almost 3 months to get the new engine, in addition to the blown motor the turbo also lost fins and sucked them though the intake. still waiting on a buyback from Ram should know in about 2 weeks, I love the concept of this truck I hope its all worked out for the 2016 i'm pretty sure i'll stick with the eco
I'm 6'4 260 lb they put my in a Dart...after complaining the sent me to enterprise and i got a base ext cab ram with out a hitch overall the dealer took good care of me.
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