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2014 ecodiesel blown engine

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Hi all,
I loved my ecodiesel until today, at about 17000 miles started getting no oil pressure at idle after a hour or so of driving took it to the dealer after a week the said it was a sensor , picked it up all seemed good went on a 100 mile ride got to the toll booth and no oil pressure at idle, called the dealer took it back in and got the call today that there is metal in the oil. anybody know id this is grounds for a lemon law?:(
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My 2014 Laramie Limited is in the shop right now for the exact same thing. Didn't start happening until about 20K miles, but exact same symptoms. Once the engine oil reached about 180 degrees at idle the oil pressure would bounce from normal to zero. Took it to the dealership to get checked out, no problems, think its a sensor it's safe to drive. I drove it two more days until something on the bottom of the engine (don't know if it was a seal or a more structural failure) blew out and I dumped 10.5 quarts of oil on the highway.

Had Chrysler Roadside tow it to the dealership that said it was safe too drive. Took them less than 30 minutes to determine a new engine would be needed. Been in a warranty repair covered rental for two weeks now with a new engine on order the whole time. Originally quoted the engine replacement should be done two days ago and the dealership has yet to even call to give a status update. Starting to wish I would have went with the Silverado/Sierra like I was originally leaning.

Irony of the situation as I was pulling into the rental car facility to pick up the rental, the original dealer I bought the truck from called wanting to know if I was interested in trading it in for a new 2015. Ha, they were less interested after I told them the diesel engine just blew up and is getting replaced.
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I may have to start looking into that. Wednesday that just passed marked two weeks its been at the dealership so I called to get an update since they've made not attempt to contact me. They're still waiting on the go ahead from Digital Imaging to order the replacement engine. Thinking I'm going to keep my eye on the 2016 GMC Canyon diesel.

Just sad how much it seems like FCA doesn't give a **** about their image and customer satisfaction because they could have taken control of the half ton truck market with this truck.
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