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2014 Ram Eco Diesel

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Purchased 2014 Ram Eco Diesel 07/2014
SLT/Big Horn

7,500 miles in, love the MPG and the ride is sweet, hard to remember that you are in a truck. Navigation add on is a must. Wish it had climate control but am enjoying the heated seats and steering wheel as we head into cooler weather in Colorado.
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Glad your ride is good for you. We need to hear more of this from people I think. I am at 5500 miles and love mine as well. I agree the Nav is great and the 8.4 display with satellite/ iPod/ bluetooth is all really well done and user friendly.
Great to have you on the forum. Post up some pictures of your new truck if you get the chance. DO you use your truck for hauling much. Has it held up well towing?
Welcome to the forum, lots of good people and information here,
Congrats on getting an ED, welcome to the forum!
Regen problems

I have a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel and currently have 11,900 Kms on it. I am new to the forum and have a couple questions. I only travel 4 kms back and forth to work every day. I live in a small city and bought the truck to hall the camper. I only go on the highway maybe once per month and find that I am must regen with every tank of fuel. Is anybody else having this problem? Does Chrysler follow this forum or is there a place where I can post my concerns and questions? I really like the truck but am getting very frustrated having to regen every tank full. Every time it says to regen I have to take it down the highway 50 km so it doesn't go into limp mode. I have already had to take it to the dealership once already. :(
I drive mine mainly in town too. I have a regen every week. Purchase a ultra gauge or edge insight ct or the cts model. It will help you know when a regen is getting near and when to plan for one. You can also do a regen in park. Go to the thread by 10% called temperature of regeneration. That thread has allot of good info on the gauges and regens.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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