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2015 Eco limited blown motor

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So I wish I would have come here prior to spending $60,000 on my first new truck. Purchased the truck on 8/29/15 here in Michigan. Just turned 2000 miles and while on the expressway, the oil gauge dropped to zero and the truck shut down. Had it towed to the dealership that was closest to me and they gave me the runaround so I had it towed, at my own expense to the dealership from which I purchased it. This was last Friday, the service advisor told me that it would be at least a week before they could look at it. Well over the weekend I got more and more pissed, so I gained the email address for a Ram executive and I shot them a email this am and also forwarded it to my sales guy. Well, guess what... I get a call this afternoon from the service advisor and he stated they were able to seek my truck in the shop today and guess what??? Metal shavings in the oil filter!!! They will be pulling the oil pan tomorrow and proceeding from there. But it clearly needs a new motor. I will say that Chrysler needs to analyze their customer service.
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Can you post that email address for those that need it please?
X3. My Ed spent 39 consecutive days in the shop. Worst service I have ever witnessed. I canceled my extended warranty immediately. Why pay to torture myself.
Just curious, you mentioned you bought it in August 2015, but do you know your build date? I ask because I know there were some bottom end problems in a batch of 2014's. Is it possible the shavings is from the head? In another current topic someone else dropped a valve. Keep us in the loop please of what the cause is with yours when they do the tear down.
Service problems

I would like to have the e-mail address of the exec. I have had mine to the dealer twice for regen problems. The second time the check engine light had come on. I explained that the light was a separate problem. All they did was clear the light and force a regen. The check engine light came back on within 40 miles. Turned out to be an exhaust temp sensor.They still have not repaired anything for the regen problem. I expect it will fill up the filter and go into limp mode again in a few weeks. Would have been nice of dodge to have a gauge to tell you when you are in regen( like other manufactures have done)
Our 3D's don't have a gauge, but it does notify you of a regen, but only if it's over 80%. At least I think that's what the number is. If it's below that, it doesn't mean it's not doing a regen, it just isn't letting you know. I know there are some software pieces out there that you can get to notify you of this.
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