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2015 ecodiesel with blown motor at 14,000 mies

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I bought a new 2015 Ecodiesel six months ago and at 14,000 miles the motor has a real load knock when I was driving on highway. I had it towed to the dealer that I bought it from, and the tech said the motor is toast. Ram won't cover warranty because after doing a little research, we found out the that won't cover warranty (I bought the extended warranty) due to the wrong oil in motor. I bought the oil from other Ram dealer, gave them my VIN # and they gave us the filter and 2.5 gallons of oil. They're receipt has my VIN # on it, they gave me 15w-40 should've been 5w-30. Any advice? Lawyer up? Anyone else heard about this problem? Will different oil blow a motor in 4000 miles after change?
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As the newbie to forum just wanted to chime in that my 2015 ED purchased on 09/11/15 went down on 12/01/15. Originally was told an injector was bad causing #6 cylinder to not fire. Upon further inspection another injector was "about" to fail. At 13K miles I was so afraid I was about to be another statistic. The following day received a call that the 2 injectors were replaced & truck ready to go. Since I commute 180 miles roundtrip it immediately was put back on the road only to go down 10 miles from reaching destination. This time instead of running slightly rough it began to surge, loud knock, blow white smoke profusely then shutdown with white smoke boiling out from under the hood within 2 miles. Dealership came picked up on rollback & put me in a rental on 12/03. 53 days & counting later I sit here hoping it will be back to me mid next week.
The dealership committed on 12/11 to replace motor but failed to order a "special tool" to complete the job then when they were about to begin final install realized that glo plugs had to be ordered. There were none in stock in USA so these had to be manufactured in France then shipped to Central AR. These came in 01/21 to be installed & complete install.
All this time I was working toward assurances through Chrysler Care. Originally I let them take the lead but as it rocked on longer & longer I began to request a more specific consideration for me to continue as a ED owner. After 12-15 different conversations & communications they made as they call it a "good will offering" to give me at no cost a Max Care 200K warranty with $100 deductible along with reimbursing me for 1 truck payment. According to them the retail value of this offer is $4500 for the service contract plus the truck payment. I had requested a Max Life service contract but they refused as those contracts were only for gas models. What they offered is the "final" offer take it or leave it.

I have 30 days to decide if I want to take the offer. The strange thing is they WILL NOT send me a written copy ...only a contract number to use & it will be "filed" with my case.. This seems fishy ...any contract I had dealings with required a printed copy. Do you think there is fine print that I cannot go back on them?

Need some direction & opinions on this situation.

-a very disappointed ED owner in Central AR.
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