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2015 ecodiesel with blown motor at 14,000 mies

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I bought a new 2015 Ecodiesel six months ago and at 14,000 miles the motor has a real load knock when I was driving on highway. I had it towed to the dealer that I bought it from, and the tech said the motor is toast. Ram won't cover warranty because after doing a little research, we found out the that won't cover warranty (I bought the extended warranty) due to the wrong oil in motor. I bought the oil from other Ram dealer, gave them my VIN # and they gave us the filter and 2.5 gallons of oil. They're receipt has my VIN # on it, they gave me 15w-40 should've been 5w-30. Any advice? Lawyer up? Anyone else heard about this problem? Will different oil blow a motor in 4000 miles after change?
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Next time buy Kendall Euro, Pennzoil Euro L, or Mobil 1 ESP all in 5-30 with a Mopar filter. Save receipts. These are the only oils available for your truck. The Mopar stuff is just rebranded Pennzoil. This is not rocket science. Don't trust the dealer for anything. Change you fuel filer at least at 15K intervals and clean the DEF injector at every oil change. All will be good. This truck is a different animal than your old Cummins. (Cummings)
I Also doubt the oil you bought caused the engine failure. Even the cheapest of oil is pretty capable of protecting an engine. It will mess up an SCR system pretty good though. You were told it was the oil because that would have been the easiest way to place the financial burden on you. FCA isn't covering the engine due to selling you the wrong oil. They are covering it because they know they have a quality control problem on their hands with these engines.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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