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2015 ecodiesel with blown motor at 14,000 mies

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I bought a new 2015 Ecodiesel six months ago and at 14,000 miles the motor has a real load knock when I was driving on highway. I had it towed to the dealer that I bought it from, and the tech said the motor is toast. Ram won't cover warranty because after doing a little research, we found out the that won't cover warranty (I bought the extended warranty) due to the wrong oil in motor. I bought the oil from other Ram dealer, gave them my VIN # and they gave us the filter and 2.5 gallons of oil. They're receipt has my VIN # on it, they gave me 15w-40 should've been 5w-30. Any advice? Lawyer up? Anyone else heard about this problem? Will different oil blow a motor in 4000 miles after change?
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Well looking at it know I wish I did have the dealer change it. It would've been covered. I love the truck, I'm a contractor, and the truck is my office. I'm really disappointed in their lack of support. I owned a 2001 Cummings before this truck with 350,000 with no issues at all. I think I should've purchased another. I just didn't need the 2500, and I love the mileage with this 1500. It really blows to spend $50,000 + on my first new truck and this happened.
Is it possible that using 15w-40 the Cummings oil instead of the 5w-30 cause motor failure? Where I live it's been 80-95 deg this whole month.
It's been a little over a week now, I'm told that I'll might have an answer tonight. I'm hoping the dealer will do the right thing. I was also told there's only 15 motors available in the country and they are on the line and like 550 on back order. I'm a self employed contractor, drive 600 miles per week, the mileage is great, and I save about $60.00 a week in fuel cost from my Cummings 2500 I had before. I have the Rambox that I love, and i believe I'm the first with the Rambox and a lumber rack. Working out of a old Suburban for now, There's a lot for things I miss.
Got the call from the Ram rep today, and they are going to cover it due to the dealer selling us the wrong oil. Thank goodness, I've been stressing for a week now.
new motor. they didn't offer a new truck, not sure how long it will take though.
Latest update, are you sitting down? Today they said they'll start building my motor on November 30th. That's right, November 30th. I might not drive my new truck this year again. My truck was built in 2015, custom built it to exactly to how I wanted it. Took 9 weeks from order to deliver to the dealer. So it's going to take 12+ weeks from blown motor to repair. I cancelled my insurance today, but still have to make payments on a truck that I can't drive. Don't forget I'm a self employed contractor, a truck is my life. I'm working out of an old Suburban that has 200,000 miles on it, but my new Ram can't go 14,000. I should've kept my Cummings that has 340,000, and not one issue with the motor. This is what I get for buying my first new truck, great experience!
I hear they're having problems with the #6 or #8 journal on the block. It;s going to be a few months, so tomorrow I'm going to press for a rental car, keep using my Suburban for work, and rent a truck when needed.
truck is back on the road now

It's been about a month now. but having other problems now. A/C compressor comes on everytime I run the heater, and the cooling fan fuse is blown.
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