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2015 ordering

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hello, this is my first post on the forum. i tried last month to order the 2014 outdoorsman 4x4 5'7" crew ecodiesel in the two-tone white and black. i tried several dealers but they could not order with that color anymore for the model year. i am getting conflicting information on when i might be able to order a 2015 model. i would imagine that no one knows exactly yet when it will be, but i thought putting the question out on this forum would help me so that i dont have to keep calling my local dealers every week. i am ready to place the order as soon as possible. i would really appreciate any input from someone who would know when. thanks - mark
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welcome, 2015 might be a better year.
one of the reasons being the split tailgate, SUV-like, one that Ram filed a patent for
Hopefully it's an option. Doesn't sound like something I would want.
i hope so too although it is something i do want i know not everyone will need and want for obvious reasons. With that said i wonder how much more it could be for it.
its not really a question of choosing to wait or not. i already tried to order the 2014 at the beginning of may but could not get the color i wanted. i have to wait for 2015 just didnt know when to start calling my dealer.
i think they would have the best answer on that, ask if they would be nice enough to have you put on some contact list, they should at least be able to do this, they have to want you're money.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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