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2015 Ram 1500 Limited Eco diesel blown motor 2000mi

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Yup... Sounds like another one. I wish I would have done some more research prior to spending 60k on this truck. With 2 weeks and 2000 miles the truck lost all oil pressure on the expressway. Dealership finally called today and told me there is metal shavings in the oil filter. They are dropping the pan tomorrow to see what else is up. From other posts I've read, there seems to be a long wait for a new motor.
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Was it knocking loud? Mine was knocking, by the time I pulled over I lost all oil pressure and the oil light came on. When I restarted it, the oil psi was good. Please keep us up to date. I called the other day to get a ETA but I still haven't heard back yet. It's been almost three weeks now.
Sorry to hear this. I'm curious of when your build date is. I thought that the motors that had bottom end problems, occurred sometime during the 2014's. Please let us know what your truck was built, and how things are progressing.
So I went to the dealership Monday to pick up my loaner truck and I stopped by the service department to talk with the device advisor, to see if there was anything further on the truck.

He asked, "where do you take your truck to get its oil changed?" I told him that I was planning on bringing it back to the dealership for the oil change.... He said no, where did you have the oil changed? I looked at him with a very confused look on my face and said.... The truck only has 2000 miles on it, I've owned it for two weeks. He said, I thought there was something wrong, when the tech "plugged it in" it showed that the truck had 33,234 miles. So he went out and looked at the odometer... Sure enough it showed like 2100 miles.

I was like, wtf. But that showed me that they were already looking for an excuse to throw me under the bus.

And I'm not sure where to find when the truck/motor was made.
You mean someone rolled the odometer back?
This is bad... Very fishy. This jives with it most likely being that 2014 batch that had bottom end issues. I'm wondering if the tech really means to say that the engine has 33,234 miles on it. So maybe the odometer was rolled back? Or maybe the engine is from another truck and was put in your? I don't know, but the dealer owes you at least an explanation, and they could be in hot water for not disclosing or withholding information. Also because only a month has passed by since purchased, could you use the lemon law if you had to? Is that an option? Sorry for your misfortune, but please keep us in the loop in case something like this happens to someone else. Also who is the dealer?
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