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I purchased my 1500 Ecodiesel to pull my newly purchased Toy Hauler. I have to say that I was a bit nervous about how the Ram would handle a trailer with a dry weight of 7,100 filled to the brim with my quad Can Am Maverick Max and gear. Lets just say I put the Ecodiesel to the test recently. I picked up the trailer from the dealer on Thursday and towed it all the way home with no issues at all. The truck easily handled the weight. Once home I filled all the cabinets with my gear drove the UTV inside and my family of four jumped inside and off we went. The trip lasted three hours at highway speeds. I drove through two tremendous rain storms while climbing large hills. I was more and more surprised at every turn. The truck handled fine and very limited sway was noticed over the entire trip. I drove the entire way with one hand on the wheel. I noticed the engine increasing rpms while climbing the long steep grades but the truck always seemed at ease. No noisy gear changes or bursts of high rpm's. Once I reached the campsite the sun was out so I parked and set up camp. Because I had only owned the camper for about 24 hours the next day I decided to go over all the campers features. One thing I noticed is that the dealer had filled the fresh water tank to about 75%. That meant that I was carrying an extra 600-700 pounds of weight. During the trip to the campsite the truck averaged 11.5 mpg. On the way home with no water in the tanks I averaged 12.5 mpg. I truly believe I could drive this truck and trailer across the country without any concern. I know the mountains would be an issue but I don't plan on driving across country. I would say the truck has exceeded my towing expectations.:)
I wanted to mention that I have the 3.92 gears.


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