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Hello everyone!

I could use some advice. I wasn't shopping for an EcoDiesel but came across a deal while shopping for a new 4x4 truck. I knew I wanted a RAM 1500 but mpg was not a major concern. I average about 15000 a year and where I live diesel prices are $0.30 more than regular 87 unleaded.

Here's my dilemma: which of these would you choose for the weekend warrior who is going to do some very light towing of a fishing boat, popup-trailer, carrying kayaks/family bikes/lumber:

2017 EcoDiesel BigHorn 4x4 Crew Cab
Brand New

2017 V8 Hemi Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab
26,000 miles

The V8 cost $2,000 less than the EcoDiesel.
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