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I bought my first ever 'new' vehicle. 2017 Laramie EcoDiesel - the last remaining one in the area.
I got about 31% off the MSRP, that seems good(?) I think overall it was ~$1,200 less than dealer invoice.

I have experience wrenching on old Mercedes Turbo Diesels, I did opt for the 10 year, 150k extended warranty - to avoid wrenching. I plan to use for hauling dirt bikes/street bikes, commuting to work (25 miles away), and weekend activities like visiting family and camping.

I haven't been able to find if there were any engine/reliability improvements for the 2017 model year compared to the previous model years. Or if the 2017 has it's own nuances to watch our for.
If anyone has any information on this I would appreciate anything you can share.

I look forward to reading up on all the forum topics to learn what other people are experiencing.

All the best,


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