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26.5 mpg over 700 miles mixed driving

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I purchased my truck as a demonstrator so it already had 5300 miles on her. After driving 700 miles mixed with about 60% city and 40% highway, I'm averaging right at 26.5 mpg. The EVIC was very accurate on the first tank of fuel showing 26.5mpg compared with 26.4mpg calculated. I'm averaging close to 27 on the EVIC now with the second tank of fuel. I would say I've taken it fairly easy over the 700 miles with driving aggressively only a few times. It definitely sucks down some fuel if you get on it regularly and I could see dropping below 20mpg in the city if I drove it hard.

I have a 2wd Laramie Longhorn with 3.55 gears.
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No such thing as driving hard IN the city. People do drive hard to get OUT of the city.

Your pickup is doing what it is supposed to do. Enjoy.
Should have been in the mid to higher 20's immediately on the highway. Lots of factors unknown but most of us do way better.
Rarely use my cruise because it INCREASES fuel consumption for me.

Darn thing wants to keep the same speed UP hills and slows the truck down, down hill. That increases fuel mileage. That's especially true while towing.

I use an "educated foot" to slow on hills and speed up going down. Fuel mileage is improved if you do that.

As for a truck "learning" your habits, there is something like that with the transmission. I think it's bull#*!. Also think the dealer is giving you a version of the same. My take on your relatively poor fuel mileage has multiple issues.

I think there might be something wrong with your particular truck. I also think there might be something wrong with your driving habits. That could be hard acceleration, hard stops, lack of coasting, abrupt throttle pressure, pushing the rpm's up when cold, more city driving that you say, hard cornering, and/or a variation of all those things based on your past driving experiences.

Watch that silly fuel consumption bar for a while and play with your throttle foot to find how you can get it to show up to or over 30mpg as much as possible.

Don't wreck doing it either. Sure it will be a PIA looking down at that thing after a while. It will be less of a pain in the wallet if you find something about your driving habits that can help you improve the fuel mileage.
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