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3000 mile road trip

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I received my 2015 ED 4X4 CC Laramie with air suspension January 8th. I have a hard tri-fold cover on the bed for security and mpg. I put about 3000 miles on it in 2 1/2 months averaging about 23.5 mpg. We then took it on a 3000 mile family vacation/site seeing trip for spring break with my wife and two teenage boys. We started in Portland OR, went through Twin Falls ID, Bryce Canyon in UT, Glen Canyon Dam in Page AZ, Grand Canyon south rim, over to Disneyland, then back to Portland. 11 days of travel and site seeing with almost 56 hours of seat time. On average, I got 26.4 mpg. Some of the legs through the mountains it was only 23.5, but I got 29.0 coming up the Willamette Valley in Oregon.
My wife did some of the driving and is used to gas vehicles, so her milage was slightly lower than mine because of her driving habits, but overall 26.4 mpg is great considering all of the stops/site seeing we did along the way.

I love my truck.
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I love this kinda stuff! I've always believed that some of the greatest family memories was seeing our beautiful country with the family driving around in station wagons, and Volkswagen Buses! Yeah I'm dating myself... Fast forward to today, and here we are with the modern station wagon (our EcoDiesel's for family hauling with great mileage) out visiting the national parks and major points of interest. None of this minivan crap with DVD players, game boys and iPods. Just talking, looking out the window, and mad libs! :D
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