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I will appreciate if someone can help me out. After I got the engine light on, I got a message "4x4 temporarily unavailable" and my truck, a 2018 Ram 3500 went into limp mode. This is the second time it happened to me. But back then, after I stop and started again after a while everything went back to normal. This time I couldn't do nothing, except take it to the mechanic. He checked for codes and changed the transmission pressure switch and cleaned cables, but still on limp mode. He couldn't figured out what it is and he told me that it will be better for me to take it to the dealership. Guys, it's hard for me to take it to the dealership. I can't afford it and my main problem is that this is my bread and butter. Not only for me, but for my family. I will appreciate it if someone can give me some information about what is going on with my truck. Thank you and you all have a great day.
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