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50,000 kms and no issues

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Just turned 50,000 kms on clock (31,000 miles) and no issues. Had the recalls done, new CAT, new sensors. Still no issues, strong and great fuel mileage.
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Thats good to hear I've got just over 30,000 on mine with no issues,going in wedsday for a couple warranty things. Talked with my cousin last week and their 2014 Fiat let go and dealer is trying to blame them for no dealer oil changes even though they did 3 at a dealer approved quick lube for the same 275 bucks each time and they only had a little over 20,000 on it. i hope Ram gets this engine thing handle soon.
Your car must be well maintained. :)
Great to hear.... No problems at all on my end.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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