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5000 miles and Check Engine Light on

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Roughly 5000 mile and the check engine light came on. Took it the dealership. The code that came up was to call Chrysler. Something to do with the oxygen sensor. They gave the truck back and are not able to solve the problem yet. 2 days later get a call with 14 questions on how I drive and if I have added any additives or equipment upgrades. Short story they still have not called with a fix.

But on the brighter side love the truck. average 26.5 on average. I do not tow but I do do a lot of driving roughly 650 mile a week. I have had the truck for 2 months.
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Got my truck back from the dealer, mechanically my truck is fine; no leaks, nothing misplaced or missing. Electrically no clue, it could be a one time hiccup where the sensors gave some erroneous data and the computer had to cycle the sensor a few times to clear it out. Or there is a bad sensor or the on-board computer waiting to trip up again till it starts doing things on a regular basis will never know due to the fact of how much computer control and how many sensors are interacting with each other to give the data the truck needs to run.

In short I need a Priest to exercise the ghost in the machine.
I would say it is probably due to totally different electrical systems.
I've read they're not totally unique either way, enough commonality (especially core function wise) that there should be enough overlap to build a good base.
I've read they're not totally unique either way, enough commonality (especially core function wise) that there should be enough overlap to build a good base.
What I meant to say perhaps they are not plug n play compatible (GC vs ED)?
My light came on around 2,000 miles. I had 3 codes. P0426 catalyst temp sensor performance bank 1 sensor 1. P0171 system too lean bank 1. P2459 diesel particulate filter regeneration frequency. I was initially told that there was a computer update that would solve the problems, but after they scanned it they told me that had to contact headquarters. The dealer asked me the survey questions and told me a new O2 sensor is on order. They cleared the light but it came back on a few days later. It seems to be using a lot of DEF and the remote start disables and shuts off after 10 seconds. No word on new part.
My new O2 sensor and another sensor related to the fuel system have arrived at the dealer. I'm not sure if these are updated sensors or if they're the same as the originals.
Keep talking to us. Want to know how it all turns out.
keep us posted on how it all goes and any details you think we should know.
I had a light come on at 3500 miles. We made an appointment and they had me in and out in two hours. They did need to consult with headquarters on it but had the part in stock and repaired. It had something to do with a temperature sensor/exhaust system.
I can get it in bulk but I just bought the 2.5 gallon because I thought that would be enough. lol I paid like 9.00. Between the container and hose and the pretty box I thought that was fair. Lol
@BIGCHRIS you end up getting that call for the fix from Chrysler HQ? Curious what the issues were, another sensor fault??
Got a check check engine light at 1000 miles plugged in my bluetooth odb2 and pulled the codes P1DB8 P1D90, powertrain codes, looked under my truck and saw lots of fluid.... Yay
Dravas: This was first post, then you got truck back from dealer and "mechanically it's fine"

What were the fluids under the truck and what repairs were made? thanks
sounds like there are too many sensor faults happening, not good.
Check Engine light

Mine came on at about 1000 miles. Dealer replaced sensor and it has not come back on. Nearing 5,000 miles and running strong.
Had 2 sensors replaced today. When I picked it up I immediately noticed more power (after driving with a CEL on for a while) and my MPG started climbing back up. Can't figure out how to post a picture from my phone, but here's a link to my service ticket showing what was done. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ls2k229iij9ndag/2014-08-04 23.06.40.jpg
Engine light

Had an engine light come on last week... Just abt 3500 mi on the ED. Had to work so I had the wife take the truck by the nearest dealer and have the code read as they don't have diesel tech available on Saturdays. Service mgr calls and tells me it's a simple sensor replacement, but they need to order the part. Cleared codes, fine to drive for vacation. Said to call and schedule appt for fix when I return. Call today to schedule appt, and the guy tells me it will be at least 3-4hrs, maybe more... The prescribed fix is to remove all sensors and 'clean' them out... Call the dealer where I bought the truck, and the guy says to come by, let him read codes and he'll order any sensors that might be causing the problem.... MPG was down abt 1-1.5mpg on return trip and seemed to lag just a bit on acceleration.... We'll see what they say on Monday when I drop it off...

Also, had a code for 'check electronic throttle control module' come up... Tech says its because I hit the accelerator and brake at the same time? WTF? really.... we'll have to see what happens with that as I have size 14(read BIG ASS) feet and that s**t happens all the time....
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Well I am still waiting on my sensors to come in. The dealers say that they should be in any day. I took a road trip and the DEF consumption was extreme. I have 3300 miles and I have put in about 10 gals of DEF so far. I am hoping the sensors fix that problem too.

I have also had an issue where none radio controls, cooling and heating controls worked. I could't even turn up or down the volume or change stations. I also could not turn on the fan or change temp settings. Then whole things was locked up. I had to turn off the truck completely open the door and restart the truck for everything to start working.

Another issue I have had was that the truck would not come out of park. The shifter nob was locked and would not move. I finally had to shut off the truck. That fixed the problem.

I bought a 1500 crew cab Laramie, check engine light came on at 1900 miles, I'm taking it to the dealership Friday and will post what I find out.
Dravas: This was first post, then you got truck back from dealer and "mechanically it's fine"

What were the fluids under the truck and what repairs were made? thanks

The fluids under my truck must have been water, no stains on the drive way, texas condensation or I might have hit a puddle and forgot about it. The did nothing but check my systems and the seals for leaks. I also had them check the wiring for the Dodge "lojack" since that was added after.

Side note on the "lojack" twice they have called me up asking if i had been towed because it showed my truck was driving without a key in the ignition...waiting on the third time before I take it to the shop.

So far no codes have shown up again and the truck is running fine, at 2,800ish miles.

I used a simple bluetooth odb 2 reader with torque pro.
Have had my new Big Horn for a little over 2 weeks and was impressed until Monday night, I had let the fuel get down to where the low fuel light came on to see how much estimated miles I had left at that point. After making a stop and restarting I noticed the engine icon (MIL) lit, filled tank and the light stayed on. According to the manual, it may go out after a few driving cycles but it did not. So now it's back at the dealer as of yesterday and no call from them yet. I'm not sure if the low fuel has anything to do with the MIL or not. Have less than 900 miles on it and already an issue.
My "low fuel" indicator came on during a recent towing run from Florida to North Carolina. I have a spare tank and the darn thing had an extra filter plug up, not dropping fuel fast enough to stay ahead of consumption.

Fixed that issue by removing the plugged filter and also fueled at the same time. That symbol went out with no issues. That's what it's supposed to do.
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