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8,000 Diesel Ram 1500 Trucks Ordered in 3 Days

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Chrysler dealers have order more than 8,000 units of the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel pickup truck in the first weekend they were able to purchase them. This is a huge number when you consider that this represents nearly half of the truck's normal monthly production and about five times the normal percentage of sold orders for a pre-launch vehicle.

These orders were placed between February 7th and 10th and included more than 400 EcoDiesels that had already been sold to customers.

“This just helps to solidify in our mind that we did the right thing with this truck,” Ram Truck director Bob Hegbloom said, adding that the percentage of initial diesel orders is about double or triple what executives had anticipated.

Looks like Ram has a hit on their hands.
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just take in these figures. From the afternoon of February 7th to the morning of February 10th 8000 orders were processed, so 115 ordered per hour or ~2 orders per minute!

And RAM doubled their corporate average for special order rates. Those are people putting down full pop for a truck they've never driven.

Dear Customer,

Your new Ram Truck is now scheduled for production. Your vehicle may reside in this status for up to two weeks as the production line is prepared for assembly. To follow your vehicle in production, please access the Vehicle Order Tracking System (VOTS) with the link provided below:

Click here to see the status of your vehicle
We will contact you next when your vehicle moves to frame status. At that point, you can anticipate your vehicle will move quickly through the next few stages of build. Please be patient as we work to provide you with a new Ram Truck built to your specifications. We sincerely appreciate your business.

Thank you,
The Ram Truck Brand Team

Anyone else get emails?
TO be honest I think I'm waiting until after second allocation to even head down to the dealer a put a deposit down. I've made a couple trips to the dealer to pick brains and discuss preliminary information, but last time I was in (early January) they still had very little information for me. Coupled with the fact that the salesmen are unable to paint an accurate picture for me what diesel ownership is like...

I really want this truck but I'm also not interested in caving to desire and being unhappy for the next 5-10 years stuck with a rig i dont want.

keep us posted RAM MAN, I think you might be the first on the board with one...
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