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8,000 Diesel Ram 1500 Trucks Ordered in 3 Days

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Chrysler dealers have order more than 8,000 units of the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel pickup truck in the first weekend they were able to purchase them. This is a huge number when you consider that this represents nearly half of the truck's normal monthly production and about five times the normal percentage of sold orders for a pre-launch vehicle.

These orders were placed between February 7th and 10th and included more than 400 EcoDiesels that had already been sold to customers.

“This just helps to solidify in our mind that we did the right thing with this truck,” Ram Truck director Bob Hegbloom said, adding that the percentage of initial diesel orders is about double or triple what executives had anticipated.

Looks like Ram has a hit on their hands.
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I ordered my truck on feb 14.will mine by built after those eight thousand are??:(
Well I wonder at what point will they start building the 8000.i think I got mine in in time so I'm crossing my fingers.i got a vin number it was eight digits not sure if there is Von number as well.
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