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8AN Stereo issues and class action suit.

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So I got the nav installed units because I need the voice control.
As a contractor, my truck is as much a tool as a screw driver or tape measure.

I expect it to perform as advertised.

I have found the dealer/manufacturer claims to fall short of actual performance.

Because these units are so integrated into the truck, 3rd party units are not an option.

Discounts aside, I leased a $60,000.00 truck, and fully expect everything to be the highest quality available.

So when I discovered the HD Radio has the weakest reception since the crystal radio I built 45 years ago I was disappointed to say the least.

My trade in had a 2014 JVC top of the line head unit that did everything the 8AN unit does, and did it far better.

The connection issues are present because Ram did not bother to do any real programming.

The reception issues are because Ram decided to save money and not bother to install a digital signal amplifier.

I love the diesel engine, but even that is 3rd party.

The nav system is nothing but a loose patchwork dependent on 2 third party vendors, and Ram never bothered to do a real life test, or didn't feel like spending the money to make their electronics real world practical.

It is very unfortunate, because if they bothered to listen to contractors, or anyone else that has to spend many hours on the road, going to multiple address, and needing to change direction for new destinations mid route, they could have produced a world class unit that as a complete package would immediately take a good share of Ford customers.

As it is, I only experience frustrations and delays every day trying to obey the laws of hands free driving, while also trying to facilitate daily operations of my company.

The lower gas mileage of Ford is almost acceptable after having U connect shoved down my throat.

As for the HD radio, has anyone else discovered that most of their favorite HD stations are no longer available on the 8AN units?
I realize this is something a person would not know unless they had HD before the one in the new truck.
There were only 2 stations I listened to, and one of those is not received.

Anyone else seeing red after trusting the Uconnect to work?

Before anyone says it's my phone, no, it isnt. It is the cheap programming, because my phone works on every other OEM sync type service I have tried,
Toyota, Ford, and VW are what I have connected to besides Ram.
Besides, half of the Ram system works perfect, it's the half that they didn't bother with that sucks.
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It sounds to me like this is a case of buyer's regret. You said the dealer didn't have the HD radio installed when you test-drove the truck. You can't tell me they didn't have a single RAM on the lot that didn't have HD radio where you COULD test it. And the same goes for navigation or any other feature. You might lose a little pride but save a lot of money if you just admit you regret your purchase and move on. Next time go to the dealer with the intention of selecting a vehicle you CAN replace the head unit on. Personally I find it humorous that you claim your livelihood is dependent on these features (HD radio seems unlikely) and yet you didn't vet them out before the purchase.

The most ironic part about this whole conversation is that despite the obvious fact that you are a conservative you clearly don't believe in personal responsibility. You have an almost entitlement tone to your posts.
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I'm going to overlook the fact that you attack me personally despite having no information to base your attacks on. Instead I'll stick to facts:

You said: "Very astute, did you figure that out all by yourself, or did you actually remember it was something I said, if you did manage to remember that was written."

I just searched the entire thread (both pages) and did not find "buyer", "regret", or "remorse" anywhere outside of my post or your last. So show me where you said it or accept that you let your emotions get the best of you.

You said: "In light of all the other very nice features that did work, and the fact that was the last ecodeisel available in Washington State with the 8AN unit, I believed the salesman when he confidently proclaimed it was not possible to test a set up uconnect system."

Your first mistake was placing any value on any information a salesman gave you. But more importantly, how was he able to convince you that you could only test a radio in an EcoDiesel? I think a Hemi would have served your purposes just fine for testing the phone connection. Now I understand, we all overlook things from time to time. I certainly have with new vehicle purchases. But the ultimate responsibility is on the buyer to be well informed and to vet the system prior to purchase and in the cases where I overlooked something I accepted responsibility for that outcome.

You said: "It’s OK, because anyone reading your statements can see you obviously don’t have to worry about anything except going to work for wage."

Wrong, I have a family depending on me. I have in-laws that will one day soon be moving into my house and depending on me to keep a roof over their head. So don't even go there, you don't have any idea what you're talking about, but you will by the end of this post.

You said: "I pay at the top of the scale, and I have been known to give a new hire a raise of up to $5 and hour after two weeks, and make it retroactive to their first day. All without anyone asking for anything, because I value my employees and want to be sure they don't need a 2nd job to provide for their families."

I commend you for that, paying good employees a good wage is an honorable thing to do as a business owner.

You said: "I appreciate the fact that with your 2nd grade education and your obvious inability to remember what you did just read, you have spent a long time working your way up the "management ladder", and there’s no way you are going to ever bother to find a better job, it aint easy making manager at McDonalds, and you are not about to throw out the 15 years it took to get there."

This one made me laugh a little, mostly because it's so far off the mark. To be honest you and I probably have a lot more in common than you'll ever admit. Here's the short version of my rebuttal to that: I grew up on a farm where I was often pulled out of school to work and spent many late nights working the fields or scraping crap out of pens. I put myself through college ( B.S. in Physics) on my own dime, no help from mom and dad. I didn't move back in after college, I found a job that was far from perfect but would pay the bills. I worked nights on a manufacturing floor for $20 an hour. At the same time I was working full-time I started graduate school to get my Master's in Electrical Engineering. I eventually was able to get a transfer in that company over to their medical division where they had a need for an engineer. When that company laid off 50% of it's workforce, I was one of the lucky few kept on staff. Nevertheless I knew my worth and my contribution to the company wasn't reflected in my compensation so I found a better job at a consulting company (ironic eh?). I still work at that job although my ambitions haven't been fulfilled there. I have been working nights probably an average of 4 hours per night to design a device that I hope to bring to market soon. So obviously McDonalds was never even a milestone in my ambitions.

You said: "So go on, hate away buckaroo, it’s the low information voters like you that are the single biggest reason America’s politicians have all but destroyed this nation."

I don't hate you, not even after reading your post in which you went out of your way to show hatred towards me. And I am far from a low information voter, although I'll admit I do read MSNBC on occasion for a good laugh. I am a libertarian and fully support the Tea Party and it's mission. To see the damage the Democratic Party has done to our beautiful nation is infuriating. To see Obama and Holder making comments that indicate they value foreigners over Americans makes me all the more determined to defeat them. Not defeat them with RINOs, but with true conservatives consistent with views that people like you and I hold dear.

You said: "That’s “entitlement”? You are clueless beyond imagination. I freaking PAID for a system, and I demand it do its job, and you call that entitlement?"

Anytime someone expects something for nothing, I call that entitlement. RAM chose to use 3rd parties for various parts of the head unit design. The way to voice your frustration with this is not to buy their product and then complain, but instead go to a competitor. To buy a truck and then claim you weren't given what was promised is disingenuous as you had ample opportunity to try out the equipment for yourself. Now most of us wouldn't go to the extreme of testing a different vehicle to verify these features but most of us don't rely on them for our livelihood...

You said: "I’m supposed to just accept I got ripped off for a few thousand dollars, and accept my ability to conduct business has been severely compromised, and just put up with now having to waste what will amount to hours sitting on the side of the road, lost customers, engage in distracted driving, and move on? Really? "

Again, buyer beware. But I have to believe there is a 3rd party solution that bypasses the head unit if you need to go to that extreme. There is a Garmin app that you can download that makes the maps local to your device so that you don't need a data connection to use it. Not ideal but one hour spent with a lawyer will more than pay for it.

You said: "Until I run over some electric powered tin can, maybe even kill the occupants of that tin can, then spend the next several years in prison, and the rest of my life in anguish over the fact I hurt an innocent Human?"

If there is even a chance of this happening then you need to find a new profession where you aren't a danger to others. If the difference between killing someone or not is a fully integrated head unit then I have to wonder how you performed your job before such technology existed.

You said: "All this, over a dang radio. That’s crazy."

I couldn't have said it better myself.
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