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8AN Stereo issues and class action suit.

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So I got the nav installed units because I need the voice control.
As a contractor, my truck is as much a tool as a screw driver or tape measure.

I expect it to perform as advertised.

I have found the dealer/manufacturer claims to fall short of actual performance.

Because these units are so integrated into the truck, 3rd party units are not an option.

Discounts aside, I leased a $60,000.00 truck, and fully expect everything to be the highest quality available.

So when I discovered the HD Radio has the weakest reception since the crystal radio I built 45 years ago I was disappointed to say the least.

My trade in had a 2014 JVC top of the line head unit that did everything the 8AN unit does, and did it far better.

The connection issues are present because Ram did not bother to do any real programming.

The reception issues are because Ram decided to save money and not bother to install a digital signal amplifier.

I love the diesel engine, but even that is 3rd party.

The nav system is nothing but a loose patchwork dependent on 2 third party vendors, and Ram never bothered to do a real life test, or didn't feel like spending the money to make their electronics real world practical.

It is very unfortunate, because if they bothered to listen to contractors, or anyone else that has to spend many hours on the road, going to multiple address, and needing to change direction for new destinations mid route, they could have produced a world class unit that as a complete package would immediately take a good share of Ford customers.

As it is, I only experience frustrations and delays every day trying to obey the laws of hands free driving, while also trying to facilitate daily operations of my company.

The lower gas mileage of Ford is almost acceptable after having U connect shoved down my throat.

As for the HD radio, has anyone else discovered that most of their favorite HD stations are no longer available on the 8AN units?
I realize this is something a person would not know unless they had HD before the one in the new truck.
There were only 2 stations I listened to, and one of those is not received.

Anyone else seeing red after trusting the Uconnect to work?

Before anyone says it's my phone, no, it isnt. It is the cheap programming, because my phone works on every other OEM sync type service I have tried,
Toyota, Ford, and VW are what I have connected to besides Ram.
Besides, half of the Ram system works perfect, it's the half that they didn't bother with that sucks.
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'My trade in had a 2014 JVC top of the line head unit that did everything the 8AN unit does, and did it far better.'

I understand that you are frustrated, but why not just change out the factory radio and put in another JVC unit or equivalent? I also find that if you want best performance that many times it best to use of best of breed approach. Meaning that Ram will 'bundle' a system together, but not necessarily provide the best. Example, the nav system is only updated yearly, so surely someone like us would want to have something more current. So for me, I'm sticking with my MotionX GPS. Yes, it's less convenient using my small iPhone screen, but the maps are great as are the local points of interest info... Yeah, it would be more money that you would have to shell out, but you would better be able to conduct your business while mobile. I've always believed that if you get 90% of what you are looking for in a vehicle, then buy it because that's a find. And for me if the UConnect is a little quirky, I can live with that because when I look at the big picture, having an EcoDiesel for me is just the bomb!
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