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A couple of questions:

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Hey folks, I just registered, but have been lurking for a while. A couple of questions:

1) Current truck is a 98 GMC Suburban 6.5 Turbo Diesel...I love the truck. But, could use more power. Will the new Eco Diesel be stronger than the 6.5? I have to think "yes". Any experts want to weigh in?

2) I have 3.42's in my Burb and it get's okay mileage...20 mpg on high way. Previous owner claimed 22, but I switched to A/T tires. The 3.42's tow okay. I live in the Red River Valley and tow my boat on pretty flat terrain, so it works just fine, but if I go east into MN and hit the hills I have to watch the temp gauge in the summer. My boat weighs about 5000 lbs loaded up. Not sure which rear end to go with when combined with an 8 speed...I'm used to 4 speeds.

3) I stopped at a dealership and we went through a mock order...why can't I get a 32 gallon tank in the Eco Diesel?

4) Leveling kit: can you install one in conjunction with the air bag system?

That's it. There were no incentives in place when I went through the ordering drill. Lead time is 6-8 weeks. I was quoted $500 over invoice. Pretty legit. I want to go with some pretty aftermarket rims, level it about an 1-1.5" higher, debadge it, All Terrain tires (not crazy, but BF Goodrich or Nittos) and muscle up the look a bit...I'm assuming a small loss in mileage with those mods, but what's the best guess? 2 mpg loss? More?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Is there some reason you want to get rid of the Sub?

On a purely cost-basis, I don't think it makes sense - your mileage will be only slightly better than what you get now (after mods and for what you plan to tow), and you'll have a truck payment and higher insurance costs to cover. The slightly higher MPG you can expect will take a long time to recover IMO.

You will of course have a new vehicle and a warranty, and likely no cooling issues while towing in the hills either. And all the new technology and safety features too. What's that worth to you, in terms of cost?

Hopefully I have helped you. Deciding on a new vehicle can be tough! Good luck!
What's it worth? Did you have the dealer tell you what it's worth? If they did, don't sell it through them, sell it privately.
That right there is darn good advice, Sir!:D
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