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A couple of questions:

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Hey folks, I just registered, but have been lurking for a while. A couple of questions:

1) Current truck is a 98 GMC Suburban 6.5 Turbo Diesel...I love the truck. But, could use more power. Will the new Eco Diesel be stronger than the 6.5? I have to think "yes". Any experts want to weigh in?

2) I have 3.42's in my Burb and it get's okay mileage...20 mpg on high way. Previous owner claimed 22, but I switched to A/T tires. The 3.42's tow okay. I live in the Red River Valley and tow my boat on pretty flat terrain, so it works just fine, but if I go east into MN and hit the hills I have to watch the temp gauge in the summer. My boat weighs about 5000 lbs loaded up. Not sure which rear end to go with when combined with an 8 speed...I'm used to 4 speeds.

3) I stopped at a dealership and we went through a mock order...why can't I get a 32 gallon tank in the Eco Diesel?

4) Leveling kit: can you install one in conjunction with the air bag system?

That's it. There were no incentives in place when I went through the ordering drill. Lead time is 6-8 weeks. I was quoted $500 over invoice. Pretty legit. I want to go with some pretty aftermarket rims, level it about an 1-1.5" higher, debadge it, All Terrain tires (not crazy, but BF Goodrich or Nittos) and muscle up the look a bit...I'm assuming a small loss in mileage with those mods, but what's the best guess? 2 mpg loss? More?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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sure man 20 years of advancement between the 6.5 and the Motori..
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