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A New Guy...

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...from way up here in Northern Minnesota. Retired USAF. Keeping busy renovating a 100-year old hose. Have a '93 Dodge Dakota and '02 full size Ram van. In the market for the Ram EcoDiesel. From all I've read, it'll be awhile before it's available, but it looks pretty decent for our needs...a daily driver for me and to haul a light-weight truck camper for "the General" and me to occasionally get lost in America. Looking forward to learning from this forum.
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I'm certainly leaning in that direction. I'm a very conservative driver (The General calls me slow), so the lure of 30MPG empty on the highway and 25MPG hauling a light truck camper is indeed enticing. The best I can get hauling a camper in a gasser is about 15MPG, so 10MPG better in the Ram diesel will certainly help in amortizing the additional cost sooner.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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