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Left home for a long weekend on this past Thursday morning and there goes the CEL for the third time in three weeks. Off to the dealer again (an hour away in the opposite direction of my intended destination). Same old SCR system issues. Told me (finally) they would order the parts to replace the faulty SCR system components and reset the CEL. I asked what damage, if any, would happen if I were to continue driving when the CEL illuminated. I was told that if it was related to SCR system problems, the vehicle would likely go into "limp" mode, allowing me to drive only at low speeds until serviced.

The good news is that I completed my 600 mile round-trip excursion without the CEL popping up again. Be a real drag to have the vehicle go into limp mode while I'm in the middle of nowhere in the Colorado mountains where it takes over an hour just to get cell phone reception! Going in next Wednesday for the required repairs (assuming the parts have arrived).

Next trip (late August into early September will be 2800 miles round trip to/from Idaho, during which 400 of those miles will be driven by the shuttle company transporting my vehicle from the put-in on the Salmon river to the take-out (yep--takes 400 miles to go by vehicle from point A to point B whereas it is 84 miles by river!). Needless to say, I'm quickly losing confidence in my Laramie 4x4 EcoDiesel and concerned that I (or the shuttle company) will have problems on my forthcoming trip. I'm concerned enough that I am soliciting price quotes on a 2016 F250 diesel. Real shame (and costly) to give up what is otherwise a great vehicle for my routine needs. But can't afford to be stranded in the hinterlands, either.

Question: any of you have repeat problems with the SCR system (and/or other power train problems) after repair? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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