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Aftermarket rubberized floor mats?

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We are looking at aftermarket floor mats like the ones from either Weathertech or Lund. But the colors are not a a good match to the interior.

Does anyone know of any other brands to consider? The interior is the camel color which has a dark brown floor mats and carpeting.

If we cant find any other options then we'll go ahead with Weathertech.

BTW: I highly recommend these; on my truck the carpet is still like the day I bought it. Just pull them out and hose them down.
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I did not thank of it like that, Thanks Guys!
Looking online it does seem like Weathertech does have a bit of a lock on the market, but I'm sure there are competitors.

The only other brand I could find was 'Lund'.

Catch-It Vinyl Floor Mat
Thanks, but they dont have them for the our 1500's (yet). It's just a matter of time.
Any time :D
Reason being why I love forums like this, great folks here to help.
Indeed most certainly is!
Well, I guess that places me south of Cuba (aka Miami & South Beach)!

all kidding aside, we did decided on the Weathertechs.
I dont recall what I have now on my 2500...I had ordered them in when I got the truck...was not a perfect fit but fit well enough for my use.
we got rocks and mud none of the white stuff sprinkled with salt :cool:
1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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