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Aftermarket rubberized floor mats?

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We are looking at aftermarket floor mats like the ones from either Weathertech or Lund. But the colors are not a a good match to the interior.

Does anyone know of any other brands to consider? The interior is the camel color which has a dark brown floor mats and carpeting.

If we cant find any other options then we'll go ahead with Weathertech.

BTW: I highly recommend these; on my truck the carpet is still like the day I bought it. Just pull them out and hose them down.
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the weathertechs never match brown or tan interiors

just get black weathertechs
I did not thank of it like that, Thanks Guys!
alot of people run into this problem and they usually end up just picking one that they like. your floor mats dont have to match really.. most generic floor mats are black. you sort of forget about it.

plus its worth it because the weathertechs are just so awesome.
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