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So we all heard the news that RAM filled 8000 orders for the EcoDiesel between February 7th and February 10th. The onslaught has actually completely cleared out initial allocation. With the next batch being available in March.

One thing does concern me about such an initial mad rush, will there be subsequent demand? I don't think RAM will be able to enjoy this type of demand even for the second allocation in March.

I see two factors at play. First is the massive incentives piled onto RAM 1500's right now, sitting on triple digit days of inventory necessitates the need for incentive laden offers. I doubt these will be present much longer. The Second factor is how many people out there are actually in the market for a diesel and a pickup truck. I'm not saying theres not buyers but I am saying that its possible everyone who actually wants an EcoDiesel RAM is front loaded into initial orders and then we see demand taper off dangerously throughout the year.

Consider that RAM has forecasted that the EcoDiesel would have a take rate of 20%, using 2013 RAM sales numbers (355,673) you get a figure of 71,134 EcoDiesels which over 11 months (orders began in February remember) RAM should or would expect to move roughly 6,500 EcoDiesels per month...
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I placed my order on Feb. 16th. I went to two dealers in an attempt to get the best price. The second one said they couldn't even place an order, that their computers wouldn't allow them to. This is five days after I got my original price from the first dealer. There's something wrong in the system if business walks out the door.
that is strange. they should be able to place their orders now.
If the dealer is not the "business link" member, he might be limited with ordering. One of the dealers I visited was not allowed to order the 28M package that I wanted. Go figure.
that is interesting.

i guess only high volume stores can order the ram diesel?
why would they limit packagers to certain dealers.. makes no sense to me
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