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Another Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Problem

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With just 1200 miles on the new truck, I started a steep grade and the truck would only go up at 16 miles per hour....After trying to lower gears, nothing helped...Got every red symbol, and "service electronic throttle control"....Ending towing vehicle back to my business a 100 miles later....Restarting the truck and it seemed to be OK....Will go to the dealer Monday.......Seems like these ETC modules are acting up with quite a few owners, each displaying different failures........Anyone with the problem have it solved by Service satisfactorily?????? or know what is going on????? I never owned a new Ford truck and had problems with such low mileage....Beginning to think the 2014 owners will be the guinea pigs for the Ecodiesel.......What do you guys think?????

I checked for recalls, and Ram stated no significant recalls.........
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Anytime you touch the break pedal when foot is on the fuel pedal you will get the warning. It confuses the computer ( go forward of stop ) it does not know what you want to do.It happened to me with less than 50 miles on the truck. Pulled over to the side of the road, shut it down for a few minutes and it started and run fine. Took it to the dealer the next day and it was okay, The print out from their system said just that, Keep both feet of the controls at the same time. :eek: I now have 9850 miles on the truck and every so often I get that fast warning but never goes in the limp mode.:)
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