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Another milage report

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Yesterday, I took a trip to a friends farm where I hunt and ride horses. It's 150 miles round trip over rolling hills, thru a couple of smaller towns, a small city and only 40 miles of interstate. I drove without cruise control and kept my speed between 5-10 miles over post speed limits. I averaged right at 29.9 when I finally made it home. Many times the average would be in the 31.5 range. In fact until I climbed the long, steep, winding hill to get to my house it was averaging 30.5 MPG.
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So just came back from my first distance trip 517 miles. I pulled a utility trailer the whole distance, of about 1 000lb. Over all I got 23.5mi/gal. This was realatively flat country with speeds in the range of 53 to 58 mi/hr. Went through about 5 small towns. These numbers were calculated.
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