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Anti-theft Tool Boxes

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Have you ever experienced tools theft or worried that your expensive tools might be stolen? It's an established fact that every year equipment worth more then 1 billion were stolen from vehicles and shops.

However there are a lot of cases when thefts were prevented only with the help of secured tool box – the robbers simply couldn't open it. If you're looking for one like this, Weather Guard has got you covered here.

As the industry-leading manufacturer of the safest and most durable equipment for trucks, vans and utility vehicles, they offer superb truck boxes, drawer units, shelving, cabinets and racks that help keep storage organized and easy to access for greater productivity.

They offer you much more then you expect from the truck box!

Here are only some of the greatest features Weather Guard offers with their products:

- Adjustable drawer dividers offer greater flexibility

- Anti-skid strips provide traction for wet and muddy boots

- Extreme Protection® Lock tamper-resistant retracting lock helps protect against break-ins

- 90º Cover opening for easy access

- Full weather seal protects against the elements.

Sounds too good to be true? Watch this video, showing all advantages of Weather Guard truck boxes in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNasgjM2eUU

Follow this link to find all Weather Guards products available for your truck: Weatherguard | Truck Bed Tool Boxes & Accessories at CARiD.com

No need to buy new tools every time they're gone or worry how to protect them. Truck box is your best investment!

Special deals for the forum members! PM me with your truck information, zip code and email address.
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Nice! My brother in law would love to have that!
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