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Any Canadians order their ED??

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Just wondering if any of the Canadians on here ordered their ED and if so did you get a VOT or the like to track it online. When I asked the dealer about this today I was told Dodge does not make tracking numbers public. If I wanted to track it I'd have to get the dealer to do it for me. Is the VOT and website tracking only in the US??
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Right on, Thanks for the replies. I went into the dealer today and finalized everything. Financing and everything is done and the order is now in. They are standing by the 6-8 week timetable. Be interesting to see when it actually gets here. Depending on who you believe I've heard that production on the 2015's doesn't start 'till more than 8 weeks from now. (meaning del would not likely be for another 3-4 weeks after that!:eek:) But I've also see on another website that changeover has started already and the '15s could be rolling out the door in as little as 3 weeks. It will be interesting to see who is correct.

The dealer also said that the only way for me to get status updates is by going through their sales mgr.

I hope it gets here sooner than later as it feels like its been an eternity already and it's only been official for a few hrs! LOL.

2015 Laramie ED 4x4 crew cab.
well theres not much change from the 14's to 15's so yea I'd have faith in the lower figure! Your's sounds like it will roll out from MY15 Job 1!
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