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Anyone use a winter cover for your grill?

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Old time diesels used to put some kind of cover or blanket over their grill to reduce the amount of cold air going through the rad to keep the heat up. Has anyone felt the need to do that to a RAM ED?
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I haven't used one but I have seen a lot of people with them. Have you started shopping around for one as yet?
There are "active grille shutters" on these trucks so this is no longer an issue. Basically the old diesels would never hit running temperature if they were driven down the road with no load when the temp was below freezing.
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Actually now that you mention it this will be the first winter for these trucks...
I'm already driving through 16-30f every night this week, and driving my truck runs at 191-200f the whole time,I idle for about 3 hrs in green river, and it was 17f when I woke up and my water temp was 188, the electric fan is an awesome design, and on the highway, so far the temps are normal, but I might buy some grille "inserts" I saw on eBay that are chrome,I might just install them on the two lower slots because the grille shutters only cover the top two.
I did a set of solid SS grille covers made by Cloud Rider bought from the local Cap-It store. I only installed the lower half as the top of the grille has the active shutters and they work well. Definitely helps the morning heat up. Yes I was concerned on covering the intercooler but about a 1/3 of it is exposed by the top section. I also monitored the charge out temp using a wireless OBDII reader and found when the outside temp was 0C the charge temp had increased 10C to from where it ran before the shutter install. Getting the grille off is a bitch. Four bolts on top are easy. Then comes the four push in tabs on the side and bottom. Two of them broke on me. Will have to replace them in the spring when I remove the lower covers. Oh the passenger side cover closest to the headlight in also a bitch to install the backing clip on that side as there is a back cover on the grille. When clean they are polished.
just cardboard it, contrast nicely with the $50K trucks ;):D ahaa
Good topic brings a couple things to mind.

Cardboard is what I used for decades living in Pennsylvania. Gas or diesel, it worked and was common. Guess we are too "high class" to do that now or don't know much about vehicles.

How about when we always added a gallon or more of Kerosene to the tank before filling with diesel in the winter. What would the Eco engine do with that?

Now Shawn, if you read this, how did the Eco do idling for 3 hours? I mean, did it soot up the DPF filter and go into regeneration?

One time in Rock Springs I got stuck in sub zero and a storm coming west off Elk Mountain delivering a fire/safety trailer to Napa Valley. Idled my Duramax for close to 40 hours before I could leave that Flying J lot. No issues came of it either.
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