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Anyone with UConnect Problems?

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In the grand scheme of things, the problems described below are far less serious than what some of you are experiencing with CELs, catalytic converters, etc. Nonetheless, kind of irritating when the UConnect system on a very expensive truck malfunctions. Some of you might remember that late last year UConnect problems were cited as one of the more common customer (dis)satisfaction issues with Chrysler products. Chrysler attributed these problems to customers not knowing how to operate the UConnect system.

So here's the issue ('14 Laramie 4x4 crew, Uconnect 8.4a w/navigation activated, current UConnect software version):

Started truck this a.m. for the second trip of the day. Touchscreen on Uconnect system displayed the Ram log but basically hung up in the "boot" process. Put transmission in reverse, no rear view camera (still just a Ram logo). Backed out of drive, put transmission in drive, the rear view camera finally displayed and it stayed on for about 30-45 seconds, at which time the normal touchscreen display appeared.

BUT… although I could move between the different screens on the touchscreen (radio, media, settings, climate, navigation, phone, apps), all of the buttons on all of the screens were inactive. The navigation screen simply showed "activating navigation." This remained the case for the duration of my trip. Upon arriving at my destination, turned off the truck and opened the door. Restarted the vehicle. Same behavior. Went into take care of business, returned to the truck, and all systems then worked properly.

Called the dealer and they did not have any advice/thoughts on the problem. And, of course, they said there was nothing they could do if the truck was not exhibiting the problem when I bring it into the shop.

Anyone experiencing similar problems? If so, how were they resolved (if at all)?

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When I used my Uconnect to start my Ram 2016 1500 it fails then my truck won't manual start for at least 24 hours
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