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Auto-Dimming Headlight Issue

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I've noticed the "auto high-beam dimming" feature doesn't work worth a crap! If I turn on my headlights to "auto", the high beams won't come on unless it's COMPLETELY black out. Even a streetlight will make them dim down. Is there an adjustment for these somewhere? Am I missing something obvious here?

Is there an adjustment for the headlight beams? Bringing them up just a little would do wonders! I really dislike driving this truck at night until I get these issues settled. I feel like I'm driving half blind!
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Well I can, but that defeats the purpose of this device doesn't it? That doesn't answer my question or solve the problem. (I'm not trying to come across as a jerk here)
I have not looked for a RAM service manual, but on 2 of my older cars there was an adjustment screw that would raise or lower the beam. If you want them higher there may be something like this in the RAM
Are we talking adjusting the height of the headlight beam? If so, there is an adjustment screw under the hood, but I don't know which way is up...
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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