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have 10k on it!no issues so far!love truck!just back off 7ooo k road trip and average about 9.6 litres per!awesome for full size truck going around the maritimes.anyone lookin at hemi should spend the extra on eco .you will save it on fuel over time.i put 110 dollars and get about 950k.would cost 180 to get that on old ford.put 6 gallons of def so far.truck is awesome.had it down to 7.5 litres per at one point
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sounds like you are doing better than I am, but I have to wait to get more mileage on mine. I only have 1 100k on it and it says I'm getting 11.5L/100, but again haven't been out very far and a lot of towing and city driving.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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