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One stock item Ford has that Ram seems to have ignored is bed access.
The rest of the Ram is so far above anything Ford there is really no comparison.
I chose the Longhorn trim, which came with air bags, four level settings, as well as auto load leveling, and freeway pitch adjustment for best aerodynamics.
I should make a utube video of the truck dropping out of the hitch, after two years I still get a kick out of it.
The dealer wasn't very helpful for accessories, and they didn't even have a process for buying any factory addons at time of purchase.
Because I closed the deal after 5PM, I wasn't even allowed to order the Ram cargo management, and was told to come back the next day.
It's obvious Ram isn't going to focus much on enhancing their trucks much past the factory options at purchase.
Maybe they will get a clue and realize how much money they are losing by refusing to allow Ram Owners to show their love by accessorizing.
Forgive me, I digress.
Anyone hear of a bed access tailgate for Ram?
Also, have been looking for those stupid rain guards that cover the windows. Anyone know if the ones made for the gassers will work on the diesels?
Some of their exterior stuff will not cross over.
Thanks in advance and please forgive the rant. I wouldn't trade my truck for anything, ESPECIALLY the new Cummings packing Toyota's, I really like my MPG's, and Ford can kiss my diesel, they promised a smoker years ago, but never delivered.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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