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Blown 3.0L ecodiesel

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Hey everyone,
Looking for some advise. Bought my ecodiesel last year on August 1st. This year on August first, the engine began to thump loudly. Of course on a dangerous piece of highway. Limped the truck off the road. Put it in neutral to roll down a small hill. Truck came to stop, and engine did too. Won't restart or anything. Had it towed over 200kms back to Calgary. Waiting on dealership to diagnose what will have to take place to get the truck back on the road.
Has this happened to anyone else? How did Dodge handle this?
The truck only has 29000 KMs on it.
Absolutely loved the truck up to this point. Great mileage, tows well, but I am concerned this event is going to dramatically change my opinions.
I am hoping the dealership takes the time and steps to helping solve this problem.
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If you end up trying a few dealers and end up without any luck then you might want to try contacting RAM to see what they have to say and what they can do.
My truck has been at the dealership for over 2 weeks now with a blown engine and they are still waiting on the go ahead to order the replacement engine. Love the truck, but couldn't be more disappointed with FCA.
You may want to do some surfing on the Internet, because I remember seeing a couple of issues with the bottom end of the block having issues in some 2014's due to improper assembly or bad parts. I remember it had to do either with piston rods and bearings. Perhaps this is what you encountered. So sorry for this, but if this is what it is (or what ever else) the dealer should take care of it.
Any news yet as to what happened?

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