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So guys hate to raise the tension of all driving around in the ol Eco diesel, but my 2018 is now sitting in the dealership with a lock up engine. The old little truck that could and now can’t had 25k miles on it. Lived a short pampered life. 200 miles on way home from beach she met her end. I would like to hear from the guys who have done this dog and pony show with Chrysler and what I can expect. I have already figured out from reading here that nothing is going to happen quick. Would like to know if anyone had luck getting their truck bought back, as I have done enough mechanics in to know it is impossible to pull the motor and install a new one and it be as good as it rolled off the assembly line. What steps should I take to start place the pressure on Chrysler. Currently do not have a loaner as they say one is not in. Any suggestions on that one. Did nt read anywhere that my right to a loaner was dependent on availability. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. I would go into the details but it follows the same story as the other engine failures post here. Out for a nice Sunday drive it just happened, only thing I can add is that about 5k miles ago I noticed the engine developed a looser sound sound, wrote it off to engine breaking in as the four Cummins I be owned changed pitch a little as they broke in.
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