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Hi, My Ram Laramie Limited was delivered to me in May 2014. It was one of the first ED built. After a bunch of annoying but minor issues early on, everything was great (no issues) until 3 weeks ago. After a high speed highway driving, I parked the truck for 1 hour and when I started it back up, engine had an unusual knocking sound. Drove another 40 miles and sound was still there. Next morning went to the dealer and left it there. Nobody called me for 2 days so I finally called to find out that they already ordered a replacement engine for me. Blown engine at 80k miles. This is beyond ridiculous. I completely lost confidence in this engine and diesel engines in general. Modern "clean" diesels have become so incredibly complicated, loaded with electronics and choked down with emission hardware that to me, they lost their whole appeal of being super dependable and efficient. I used to be the biggest ED fan, talked some of my buddies into buying them but this incident just left me hopeless. Even with a new engine, I won't be able to depend on this truck anymore. I might be going back to Toyota. Before this Ram I had 2010 Tundra with 100k miles on it from new and not a single dealer visit other than oil changes.
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